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Frontend Web Developer

I am a web coordinator currently focusing on the field of frontend web development and JavaScript programming, React, and Redux. My current goal is to obtain either remote web development opportunities and/or part-time/contract employment as a frontend web application developer.

For over 2 decades I have designed and built portal sites to address design problems. I manage sites in the education industry and have in the nutritional supplement industry as well. I strive to create usable and polished products through passionate and deliberate design.

I live in Kankakee Illinois. I enjoy music, oil painting, and single malt whiskey.

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I collaborate with clients and peers to nurture and transform ideas into well thought out design specs. After all, that's where the majority of amazing user experiences start.


I sketch and wireframe interfaces focusing on content structure, intuitive UI patterns and simple interactions. I'm a minimalist who truly believes that less is more.


design in the browser with HTML(5), CSS(3) and a touch of JavaScript. I love coding things from scratch, but I can work with front-end frameworks like Bootstrap too.